Car Wash

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Part 1Listen and Read: Listen to the recording, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

My car really gets dirty throughout the week from dust and dirt on the road and in the air, so I pull it into the driveway or on my lawn and give it a good wash. I get a bucket, a sponge, some rags, and some car soap, and I’m ready to go. I first use the hose to soak and loosen the grime on the car. I then fill the bucket with water and some soap, dip and saturate the sponge with water, and then start scrubbing the car from top to bottom. I start with the hood, windshield, headlights, and front fender, and then work my way around the car, washing the windows, doors, and the rear of the car. I also wash the roof, and I do the wheels and tires last. Once that’s done, I spray the car with the hose to remove all the soapy suds before they dry on the car. Finally, I dry off the car with the a rag and polish the car with a dry rag. I guess I could take the car to a car wash, but I enjoy doing it myself, especially on a hot day.

Part 2: Discussion

Do you wash your own car, or do you take it to a car wash? Explain your reasons. How often do you wash your car?

Part 3: Online Investigation

There are a number of specialized items that you can use to wash your car even better. Use the Internet to research these items. What are they used for and how can they improve your car washing skills: microfiber cloth, wash mitt, and car wash strips? Can you come up with items at home to do the same job?