Bike Store

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Part 1: Listen and Read: Listen to information on bike shops, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

I’ve decided to start mountain biking to get in shape and enjoy the scenery around my area, so I took my bike into a cycling shop to get a tune up. My bike was in pretty bad shape, so I wasn’t sure if it would serve my needs. However, the man at the shop adjusted my brakes, oiled the chain, fixed my flat tire, and adjusted the spokes in my wheels. He suggested that if I do a lot of heavy riding, I should get self-sealing bike tubes that don’t puncture as easily over rough terrain. I’m thinking about getting a lighter bike, but my current bike will have to do for now. I also bought a new bike helmet to protect my head in case I fall off the bike or fly over the handle bars on my rides. Finally, I bought a water hydration backpack so I can drink water and still have my hands free to ride.

Part 2Discussion

Discuss some basic tips for riding safely on city roads or in the back country (mountain biking). What are the rules of the road for bikes?

Part 3: Role Play

You’ve decided to take time off from school to go on a cross-country bike ride for two months, but you have to convince your parents of the benefits of going and the safety precautions you will take.

Part 4: Online Investigation

You’ve decided to train and prepare for a 300-kilometer bike ride through the countryside in the country of your choice. The entire trip will last between one to two weeks, and you will take some time to sightsee along the way. What kinds of equipment, including a new bike, would you need to buy for a multi-day trip? What about camping supplies? Search the Internet and price all the equipment you will need and prepare a budget. To make things easier, your parents have been vary generous and have given you $5,000 to spend on your trip. Enjoy!