Churches and Religious Worship

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Part 1Listen and Read: Listen to the record about religious services, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

I attend church on Sunday every week because I want to worship God and receive spiritual guidance in my life. I usually sit in one of the middle pews in the church. One of the members gives the invocation, or opening prayer, to begin the service. During the service, the minister usually gives a spiritual sermon  to encourage members of the congregation to change their lives. He reads from the scriptures and shares inspirationalstories. An offering plate is passed around to collect donations from the congregation. At the close of the meeting, another member offers the benediction, or closing prayer. My religion gives me hope in spite of the challenges in the world today.

Part 2: Discussion

What types of religious services and meetings are present in your area? If people of different faiths visit your country, are they able to find places of worship very readily?

Part 3: Role Play

You are sitting on an airplane next to man who appears to be religious leader for his particular faith. After some light conversation on your travels, he politely asks you if are a member of a specific church or religion. Answer his question and describe your personal feelings on the subject.

Part 4: Online Investigation

Learning about the religious beliefs and practices of others can help us develop greater understanding for our world neighbors. Choose one religion and use the Internet to find out five basic beliefs and practices of this faith. Feel free to interview personally a person who is a member of this religion to learn more on the topic.