Parks and Recreation

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Part 1Listen and Read: Listen to the recording, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

Every weekend, I take my kids to go the park to play on the playground equipment. It’s also a good way for them to meet kids their own age and make friends. They really like to play on the swings, go down the slide, and climb on the jungle gym. They also like to play hide-and-go-seek or freeze tag with their friends. I often pack a lunch so the kids can eat whenever they get hungry. We also spread out a blanket on the grass and have lunch. There’s also a small pond with a lot of ducks, so the kids have a great time feeding them pieces of bread.

Part 2: Discussion

Why do you think it is important to take children to a park or to go with other family and friends? Describe a part you have been to before and why you liked going there?

Part 3: Online Investigation

More and more families are installing their own playground equipment in their backyards. Suppose you have children between the ages of 4 and 10. What kinds of equipment would be best suited for them and how much would it cost? Consider things such as the quality, durability, and longevity of such equipment.

Part 4: Online Listening Practice on Family Activities – From Randall’s Other Web Sites