Online Shopping

Part IListen and Read: Listen to the recording about online shopping, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

Every weekend, I go shopping downtown with a friend, but it is more of a hobby than anything else. I usually take a little cash, but I also have a credit card in case I need to charge something. I just make sure I don’t go into too much debt spending money I really don’t have. I mainly visit department and clothing stores to check out the latest fashions. If I find something on sale at an unbeatable price, I sometimes buy it. I make sure to keep the receipt in case I have to return the item. I really enjoy walking along the store fronts and gazing into the windows to see what the store is selling. At other times, I like looking at the displays in stores or strolling through shopping centers. Sometimes, something like a shirt or jeans catches my eye, but I’m not a compulsive shopper, so I never buy the first thing I see. Many times, I come home without buying a thing.

Part II: Discussion

How often do you go shopping at a shopping center or mall? Talk about one recent shopping experience you had. Where did you go and what did you buy? How much online shopping do you do on the Internet? Which Web sites do you use most often?

Part III: Online Investigation

You are planning a trip to several major cities in the United States, and you want to do a little shopping for clothing and souvenirs while you are there. Pick a city that you want to visit and search for at least two stores where you could buy these items. You are on a small budget, so luxury items are out of the question. Find two items that this store might sell and discuss why you selected this item.