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Part IListen and Read: Read along with the audio recording.

One of my hobbies is photography, and I have several cameras I use to take pictures. I have a traditional film camera that takes great pictures. Film isn’t too expensive for the camera, and I can get rolls of film developed almost anywhere. These types of cameras are generally easy to use. Just point and shoot. Recently, I bought a digital camera, and it has made taking pictures even easier. I just insert the memory card in to the camera, adjust the settings on the camera and shoot away. When I’m done taking pictures, I can either attach a USB cable to a computer and download them, or I can insert the memory card into a computer and download them that way. I also can easily share my digital pictures by emailing them as attachments to family or friends, or I can upload them to my Website. Printing digital pictures is also very easy to do.

Part 2: Discussion

Do you think there is still a market for regular film cameras? Do you think digital cameras replace them completely? Is the quality of digital photography as good as traditional film?

Part 3: Online Investigation

Digital cameras are becoming extremely popular. Suppose a friend is thinking about buying a digital camera, but only has $300 to spend. Because your friend enjoys taking pictures while hiking, he wants a very easy-to-use camera that is very small and light. Search the Internet and find a camera that would best suit his needs. Be sure to check camera reviews.