Part 1Listen and Read: Listen to the recording, answer the questions, and then read along with the audio recording.

When people get married, they often do not realize and understand the challenges they will face in the future, but is divorce court the best solution when marital problems occur? Such challenges can include medical, financial, or psychological problems that surface at some point in a marriage. The question isn’t whether or not we will face stress in a relationship; rather, it’s how we will deal with stress and problems when they knock at our doorstep. Seeking a divorce at the first signs of stress isn’t the best solution, especially if you have realistic expectations at the beginning of a relationship. First of all, when problems arise, the first thing to do is to communicate openly with your partner in a very concerned, non-judgmental way. More problems in a marriage occur because of selfishness than any other factor. Don’t blame one another, but carefully analyze the situation and work together to resolve concerns. Second, because some marital problems arise due to financial problems, create a budget on how you will save and spend your money. Don’t overextend yourself with credit. Only spend what you have rather than using credit cards. Third, consult with a marriage counselor or therapist to help you resolve problems. If people really love each other, they will do whatever it takes to preserve their marriage instead of seeking a quick divorce.

Part 2: Discussion

What do you think are some of the main causes of marital problems and discord? What can couples do to prevent, minimize, and resolve such issues? Under what conditions, if any, should divorce be considered an option? What impact can divorce have on children? Is divorce legal in your country and under what conditions is it permitted?

Part 3: Online Investigation

Getting a divorce can be a difficult process, both financially and emotionally. However, if considered, what is the legal process for getting a divorce? How much are legal and court fees to get a divorce in your area? Search online for information about these questions, as well as any advice on the topic.