From Souvenirs to Fashion Clothing
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Part I: LListen and Read

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Every weekend, I go shopping downtown with a friend, but it is more of a hobby than anything else. I usually take a little cash, but I also have a credit card in case I need to charge something. I just make sure I don't go into too much debt spending money I really don't have. I mainly visit department and clothing stores to check out the latest fashions. If I find something on sale at an unbeatable price, I sometimes buy it. I make sure to keep the receipt in case I have to return the item. I really enjoy walking along the store fronts and gazing into the windows to see what the store is selling. At other times, I like looking at the displays in stores or strolling through shopping centers. Sometimes, something like a shirt or jeans catches my eye, but I'm not a compulsive shopper, so I never buy the first thing I see. Many times, I come home without buying a thing.

Part II: Discussion

How often do you go shopping at a shopping center or mall? Talk about one recent shopping experience you had. Where did you go and what did you buy?

Part III: Online Investigation

You are planning a trip to several major cities in the United States, and you want to do a little shopping for clothing and souvenirs while you are there. Pick a city that you want to visit and search for at least two stores where you could buy these items. You are on a small budget, so luxury items are out of the question. Find two items that this store might sell and discuss why you selected this item.


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