Movie Theater

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Part 1Listen and Read: Listen to the recording, answer the questions, and read along with the audio recording.

 I really enjoy going to the movies with my friends most weekends. I usually check the movie listings in the newspaper or online to see what is playing. I also check the movie reviews because I don’t want to see a bad movie. I like to arrive early at the movie theater so we don’t have to stand in line too long to buy tickets. Sometimes, the movie we want to see is sold out, so we might buy a ticket for a later showing. Once in the theater, I sometimes buy popcorn and a drink at the concession stand. The prices are sometimes high, but I like munching on something during a movie. I hand my ticket to the movie usher before entering the movie theater. I usually like to sit in an aisle seat somewhere in the middle of the theater. I think you can see the movie better instead of straining your neck back if you are unfortunate enough to sit in the front few rows. One thing I don’t like is when other patrons or people talk during the movie, put their feet up on the back of my seat, or bring crying babies to the theater. Everyone should be able to enjoy the movie.

Part 2: Discussion

Describe a recent movie you saw at a movie theater. What did you see and did you like the movie? Who did you go with?

Part 3: Online Investigation

How much does a movie ticket cost in some of the major cities of the world? Does it cost more or less what you pay to see a movie? Search the Internet for information on the entrance price for these cities or any other in which you are interested (You might need to convert the price to your currency):

New York, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney, Buenos Aires

Part 4: Online Listening Practice – From Randall’s Other Web Sites – Listening, Speaking, and Discussion

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – Listening, Speaking, and Discussion – Pronunciation and Discussion